Album complete/Japan tour!

Good evening friends. 

Firstly, I hope everyone that is reading is exceptionally well, and living life to the fullest, wherever you may be. Myself, I have been super busy. As we are just under a month out from our first single release for the new album, I've been full hands on deck preparing all the bits and pieces that make up a release. As such, I haven't been 100% hands on deck with blog writing/updating. Forgive me. Life can get in the way of dedicated luxury computer time.

So what's been happening our side? Well aside from preparations for the release of our single 'Roses', we've been crazily planning our upcoming tour of Japan. Both Tom and I are full of energy and stoked to be going, as it's always a place we've wanted to visit, and to do it whilst playing music is a total dream. I don't expect us to make much publicity or money out of the event, but it's definitely a start towards getting some exposure in different parts of the world. Just through the show-booking stage of our prep, we've made a bunch of friends and connections that (hopefully) will make the trip a whole lot of fun, and maybe get us some small crowds.

Anywho, that's been the last few months for Tom and I. Record music, record videos, make posters, take pictures, book shows, book tours, book expensive tickets, lose money. It's all part of the fun. 

See you around.

Al x